JavaServer Pages Illuminated (Jones & Bartlett, Boston, Oct 2007)
•  Tim Downey
Florida Int'l University
"The author has the ability to develop a complex topic with easy to understand examples that work as steps in the understanding of the concept."
•  Hong K. Sung
Univ. of Central Oklahoma
"Easy to understand writing style and examples."
•  Java Review
It is the only JSP book that includes a very detailed review of all relevant Java (including Packages) and HTML topics - so it's like having 3 books rolled into one: Java, HTML and JSP.
•  Assignments
Solved exercises, quizzes and unsolved assignments for every topic - so it's ideal as a course textbook. •  Easy-to-understand
It uses easy-to-understand examples and writing style to explain complex concepts. •  Trackable
For each topic, it explains why that topic is useful, along with how it relates to the previous topic. So the topics progress in a logical way and the reader is able to track the vast amount of information instead of getting lost in pages of a "reference book". •  Industry + Academia
Dr. Metlapalli has the unique background of having worked as a Java/JSP developer in U.S. industry for several years as well as having worked as Adjunct Faculty in the Univ of Maryland system - so you get the best of both worlds: industry and academia.
 Good news for Java/JSP learners, Sun certification exam takers, job seekers!!  Learn Java / JSP online from Dr. Prabhakar Metlapalli, Ph.D., author of best-selling book 'JavaServer Pages Illuminated' and (former) Adjunct Asst. Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland system!!   Javaonline.org, a partner of Jones & Bartlett publishers (Boston), offers Dr. Metlapalli's online Java/JSP courses every month to members!!  DEMO   Java for Beginners
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   Dr. Prabhakar Metlapalli  is author of the best-selling textbook "JavaServer Pages Illuminated".  He worked as an Adjunct Asst Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland University College in College Park, Maryland, and also as a full-time Java Developer with a B2B e-procurement company in USA.   He currently is a Software Consultant for Java, JSP, JSF, Spring and Hibernate applications. He works full-time as a Staff Software Engineer, developing embedded software in GPS sensors for aircraft and marine applications.  Dr. Metlapalli earned his Ph.D. in Engineering from West Virginia University and Master of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Kanpur.
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Depth of CoverageSuperficial  MediumExhaustive
Content written by an author  ?  ?Yes
Hands-on assignments  ?FewRigorous
Grading Done ByN/AStudentBest-selling author
CostFREE$500-2000From $90
Reason for costN/ASalaries, AdvertisingONE-MAN show, minimal cost
Permanent AccessYesNoYes
Prior Programming Knowledge Req'd  ?YesNo
Course IDTitleDurationPre-req  Member Level Required
JV101Java for Beginners4 or 8 weeks-Associate
JV201Advanced Java - I4 or 8 weeksJV101Premium
JV202Advanced Java - II4 or 8 weeksJV201Gold
JV301JSP4 or 8 weeksJV201Gold
JV401Advanced JSP4 or 8 weeksJV301Platinum
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Platinum Plus$700$450JV101, JV201, JV202, JV301, JV401Register
Saving (A - B)
Java for Beginners$140$140$140   $140$0
Advanced Java - I$180$320$140** $280$40
Advanced Java - II OR JSP$180$500$140***$420$80
Advanced JSP
Advanced JSP
(Platinum Plus)
Java for Beginners$90$90$90   $90$0
Advanced Java - I$120$210$90** $180$30
Advanced Java - II OR JSP$120$330$90***$270$60
Advanced JSP
Advanced JSP
(Platinum Plus)
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•  Student 1
"(Completed the Advanced JSP course in 2011..) Just wanted to let you know that I took the Oracle certification exam (Java SE 6) a couple of days before Thanksgiving and passed it!

Then a week later I posted my updated resume on the internet and started applying for jobs in the field as entry-level Java Developer.

Well to my surprise, my phone and emails were coming in droves.  People were very interested in me.  And I got hired in less than 2 weeks by a company called Capgemini as a Consultant Java Developer (with great pay)!

I want to thank you again for all your help.  Oh, I still go back to your web site to look up on occasion some material if I need a resource, or some of my old code."
•  Student 2
"I have completed all the quizzes and final exam for JSP course.  Thank you for your comments. I learnt a lot of basic concepts from your courses. I took the SCJP 5.0 this week and got 76% in the exam.  Advanced Java course helped me a lot to organise and study for the exam. I am an Oracle forms/reports and pl/sql developer for the past 4 years and I am planning to find a position as an Oracle and Java developer. Your course has been very helpful to start looking for another job."
•  Student 3
"I took this course to appear for SCJP exam ... the course was very good for people who do not have any knowledge of Java, like me. The exercises, quiz and final exam made us to ensure our understanding of the concept was thorough. In addition, your replies to queries were so prompt and it was very helpful and motivating to complete the course. It was really worth paying for this course." Update:  "I am glad to inform that I scored 80% in SCJP 6.0 last Friday. Thanks for your course material and practice exercises."
•  Student 4
"Great course!   I love the layout, pace, and format of instruction.   I am enjoying this (Beginner's) class .. I will definitely be taking the Advanced class."
•  Student 5
"I am enjoying the class. I've taken online courses before that were rather confusing in terms of message management. Your set up is easy to understand the first time one enters the learning environment."
•  Student 6
"I have just completed the Advanced Java course.   When I first spotted your course offering on Google I thought it was too good to be true. As an IT professional, managing a medium sized Microsoft shop, I didn't think a set of three courses for less than $200 would have any value at all. I was definitely wrong. I have taken courses costing 20 times this amount and have not gotten the same solid foundation as your courses. The proof, to me, was opening the source code of a professionally written Java program and being able to make my way through it, and actually implement it with my own custom code. As a busy IT manager I needed to learn the elements of Java to help start some new initiatives in my company. The teaching approaches you have taken, and the reasonable pace of the classes, have made it possible to really absorb the fundamentals while facing the same pressures you probably do working in the industry and trying to teach the course. I am looking forward to the JSP course and think you should offer more advanced workshops as well."
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